TiaCotons "Tia" is the Malagasy word for "to Love"

Puppy Information

Please take your time when researching breeders of the Coton de Tuléar. Please support breeders who belong to a reputable Coton breed club. For the Coton de Tuléar the reputable breed club in the United States of America that I recommend is the American Coton Club (ACC).   ACC breeders follow a code of ethics and care about the health and well being of their Coton de Tuléar dogs. The ACC also supports the Coton de Tuléar as a rare breed dog.  Responsible Coton breeders have the love of their Cotons at heart. 

ACC breeders strive for a superior standard of excellence. Expect nothing less!

If your desire is to have a Coton de Tuléar puppy join your family that has had a great start in life, a puppy that is a genuine Coton de Tuléar, then purchase a puppy from a breeder who is a member of the American Coton Club.

No dog is hypoallergenic. One person may be allergic to dog dander, another person may be allergic to the dog's saliva, urine or the shampoo used on the dog. Most people who have allergic reactions to dogs do fine with Cotons but there are some people who will have an allergic reaction to Cotons. As an example, my daughter breaks out in a rash on her neck when my Cotons lick her on her neck, she is allergic to their saliva.

TiaCotons will provide the following with each puppy sold:

Each TiaCotons puppy will have a health examination and chiropractic adjustment, if needed, by a holistic veterinarian. You will receive a copy of the health exam form.  I will provide a pedigree from the American Coton Club for your puppy after the puppy has been spay/neutered. I will provide a leash and harness, small bag of food, small blanket with litter smells, toys, chew item for your puppy, Homeopathy Pet Kit, holistic products and lifetime breeder support. 

The items you will need to provide for your puppy are:

  • Stainless steel bowls for food and water, or Water Stand
  • Vari-kennel and ex-pen recommended along with a crate bed for your Coton's comfort.  A good article on crate training can be found here.
  • A favorite dog bed at my home is the Kuranda dog bed.
  • Toys - be careful of squeakers in toys, chew items for puppy teeth
  • Baby gates to confine puppy to areas that have been puppy proofed. Watch out for poisons, electrical cords etc.
  • Shears for trimming around paw pads or small electric trimmer, Nail Trimmer
  • Combs and Brush, Shampoo and Conditioner (See Grooming Tips page)
  • Special treats for training your Coton de Tulear puppy, I prefer treats without the addition of corn, wheat or any by-products. My Cotons enjoy Merrick flossies, chicken strips made in the USA, goat milk yogurt, raw goat milk kefir for probiotics (make your own), carrots , freeze dried liver treats.
  • Good training books - Dog Friendly Dog Training by Andrea Arden, Perfect Puppy in 7 Day: How to Start Your Puppy Off Right By Dr. Sophia Yin
  • Lucky Pet ID Tags
  • Please take doggie waste bags with you when you walk your Coton so you can pick up your Coton's waste, your neighbors will appreciate it!

Feeding your Coton 

Nature's Variety Dog Food, Stella and Chewy,  Nature's Logic, are options for quality kibble if you don't want to feed raw.  I recommend Answers Pet Food if you want to feed a raw food diet to your Coton.  Want to home cook for your Coton, here are a couple of recipe making sites that will help you - Recipe for Pup Loaf, Recipe Guide for making meals

Please do not feed the following to your Coton de Tulear dog:

Greenies have been known to cause death to some dogs, raisins, grapes and any fruit pits, chocolate, onions, tomatoes, macadamia nuts, walnuts, alcoholic beverages, bread dough, caffeine - coffee or coffee grounds, any bones that have been cooked or barbecued and sugarless gums and candies containing Xylitol. The above items can be fatal to a dog. Keep the garbage can away from where your dog can get into it. If you suspect your dog has ingested any of these items or other potentially dangerous substances please seek emergency medical help right away.

Household Hazards and Poisons for Your Pets

Dr. Steven R. Hansen, director of the ASPCA's Animal Poison Control Center, gives pet owners a full list of foods, plants, chemicals and drugs that are commonly found in people's homes that can be deadly

Harness for Cotons

The harness I prefer for my puppies and adult Cotons can be purchased here, ask for a D-ring on the leash for an ID tag.

For Cotons that like to pull this is a good harness to correct pulling - Wonder Walker Body Halter

Potty Training - Bells are great for teaching dogs to eliminate outside. The dog rings the bells at the door to let the owner know the dog needs to go outside to potty.

Games - If you are looking for some challenging activities for your Coton some of these games may be lots of fun for your Coton.

Travel - This is a good website with information on traveling with your Coton.

Travel Bag - Sturdi Bag size large is recommended.