TiaCotons "Tia" is the Malagasy word for "to Love"

Health Care and Grooming

Bathing and Grooming Tips

When bathing Cotons I would recommend taking great care to massage the shampoo gently into the hair. Then rinse, rinse and rinse some more with tepid water to make sure all the shampoo is removed from the hair. After lots of rinsing, put conditioner on the Coton and rinse again with tepid water. Gently towel dry the hair and air dry for about fifteen minutes and then use warm heat to finish the drying process. When combing or brushing my Cotons, I like to hold them in my lap.  I have a grooming table that I occasionally use when grooming them.

I have been purchasing shampoos, conditioner and other products from the Shampoo Lady website.  

Shampoo -   Kelco Plum White, Puppy Tears for my puppies, Kelco Oats Fur Coat Shampoo  

Conditioner - Plum Creme Rinse Conditioner, Kelco Ultra Moisturizer   I mix these two products together, works great on my Cotons coats.

De-Matting - Kelco De-Matt Spray 


Coat Hair Change and Matting

I am asked fairly often for help when a Coton starts the coat change from puppy hair to adult hair. Sometimes the change is gradual and not as noticeable. Sometimes it is best to have the hair cut short when the Coton is going through the coat change.  Keeping the Coton hair clean with moisturizer and daily combing will help with matting.

Chris Christiansen Buttercombs - Coarse/Fine, Face Comb and #005 Buttercomb 7 1/2" Long Tooth Comb can be found at - http://www.chrissystems.com/ or http://www.cherrybrook.com/


Wysiwash is the best system I have found that is not toxic to pets or humans.

EfferSan  is the portable companion to Wysiwash, pet safe, eco-friendly, and effective against a broad range of pathogens.


A free class from Mary Aspinwall that will help with the understanding of Homeopathy. Homeopathy is wonderful for dogs! 

Homeopathy Pet Kit


Veterinary Homeopathy

Frequently asked Questions about Homeopathy

Joette Calabrese has information on human and animal homeopathy care.

Homeo Book - Homeopathy for Dogs

Oral Health

HomeoAnimal Homeopathic spray for teeth

ProBioraPet Oral Care

Homeopathic - Fragaria Vesca 


Digestive Health 

Digestive health support, click on Digestive Health  Turmeric Golden Paste is easy to make and add to dogs food, good for inflammation, great antioxidant.  Animalbiome - products restore pet gut health



Pro-Tummy, Paxxin, Rx-Biotic.  If your Coton has diarrhea, applesauce or plain canned pumpkin (not pie filling pumpkin) will help control the diarrhea. Fruitables has a product that is excellent for upset tummy's. Diagel is another product I recommend. DiaGel is a unique, all-natural, oral formula that works within 24 hours to kill bacteria and flush toxins in the GI tract, stopping diarrhea. 


Pancreatitis - GastroElm Plus 

Homeopathic Treatment for Pancreatitis 


Eye and Ear Care

Eye and Ear Care, Ear Care 


Beard Staining

Some Cotons drink water and get their beards wet and then their beards stain. One idea that might help keep the beard dry is to use a water bottle for your Coton to drink water. Here is a link for a nice water bottle stand



There are many things that can cause a dog to itch, things in the environment like grasses or airborne allergens like pollen's, flea bites is probably the most common, chemicals put on the dogs skin or ingested, dry skin, fungal infections which include yeast, parasites such as ear mites, over-vaccination, etc... 9 Safe Apoquel Alternatives, A few products that might help with itching are -

No Drugs Needed... Povidone Iodine in a foot soak

Rx Biotic

Nutramin for Dogs

Kelp - Very good information on the Wolf Creek Ranch website

Coconut Oil

Camelina Seed Oil

Krill Oil 

CBD Oil for Dogs and Humans - Lazarus Naturals


LumaSoothe light therapy for pets is a good product to have on hand to help with inflammation and pain.

I am taking a class on learning how to use Advanced Photonic Therapy for dogs and humans.  Eva also has a Facebook page - Advanced Photonic Therapy.


Joint Health  

Collagen is important for joint health.  I prefer Collagen from Grass Fed Cows for myself and my Cotons.  Vaccines, Collagen and Joint/Disc Disease 

Homeopathy treats Epilepsy and Seizures in Dogs 

Top Knots 

For topknots I use latex bands in the hair and cut the bands out with scissors being careful not to cut the hair. Click here for more information on top knots. I recommend Laineeltd for hair accessories for your Coton. 


Vaccination Protocol 

Visit Dog Naturally Blog click on Vaccinations for many great articles on vaccines.  I don't vaccinate puppies when they are at my home.  The only vaccine required by law is the Rabies vaccination.  Do your research before allowing your dog to be over-vaccinated. Titer your dog instead of over-vaccinating which might do harm to your dog.

Please be aware of side effects from rabies vaccination, Homeopathic Remedy for rabies vaccine to be given before and after rabies vaccine.  Rabies vaccine - A holistic approach - Dr. Dobias Natural Healing

Vaccine reactions, Homeopathic Treatment for Vaccine Reaction, Vaccines, Collagen and Joint/Disc Disease

Dr. Robb's Protect the Pets website for ordering Titers for dogs at a reasonable price. 


Fleas and Ticks  

WARNING!!!  Please do not give your Coton any of the flea and tick products that are ingested or put on the back of the Coton, they are poisonous products that may possibly do damage to the kidneys and liver of your Coton.  Do research, check out some of these pages on Facebook - Does Trifexis Kill Dogs, Does Bravecto Kill Dogs, Does Nexgard Kill Dogs, Bravecto Nexgard Comfortis Simparica Trifexis and others Do They Kill Dogs?  Some dogs are dying after one dose of these products!

I spread nematodes that are purchased from Garden's Alive in my yard as a preventive treatment that will eliminate fleas in the grass.

Alternative Flea and Tick article from Dogs Naturally Magazine

Visit these sites for information on non toxic flea control -
HomeoAnimal  - Homeopathic treatment for fleas/ticks 

Wolf Creek Ranch

Natural Flea and Tick Defense 

Alternatives 4 Animal Health 

Organic Pet Digest 

Natural Health for Dogs and Cats - Safe Effective Flea Control 

Only Natural Pet Store 


Amber Collar - Organic flea and tick repellent collar

Here is some useful information about ticks. This website has a map of the USA and the populations of ticks that are reported in each state.



HWF is designed for dogs. This product may help support normal cardiovascular function by detoxing foreign contaminates left by environmental stressors. HWF supports:

  • Normal circulation of the body process
  • Normal purification of foreign substances

Homeopathic and Holistic Support (click on each site)


WolfCreek Ranch 

Dog Naturally 

Only Natural Pet 


AcA Homeopathic 

For Love of the Horse and Dog Health

Holistic Dog Health Care and Remedies  


Homeopathic and Holistic Veterinary Doctors 

The Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy 

The International Association for Veterinary Homeopathy

American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

American VeterinaryChiropractic

Veterinary Chiropractic Association 



Is your holistic veterinarian really holistic? 

Interview questions - What is your vaccination protocol?  Do you recommend flea and tick products, which ones, natural treatment?  Do you treat medical conditions holistic/homeopathic?


Medicine chest for emergencies: 


Vibactra Plus, Paxxin, Cell Life Support, Probiotics/Enzymes, Colostrum, CBD Oil, Homeopathic Remedies

It is important to keep the dog hydrated - use Coconut water, bone broth 

IVDD - Nzymes   Article for paralysis support 

Vaccines, Collagen and Joint/Disc Disease

Parvo Virus - Wolfcreek Ranch Protocal - Preventing and healing Parvo 

Vaccination Support - Homeopathic treatment articles, article 1, article 2

Support help for many conditions on the Wolf Creek Ranch website.

Where to purchase Homeopathic remedies

Boiron - use coupon code - Joette - for discount

Homeopathy Pet Kit




Helios UK

Homeopathy Store

Hahnemann Labs

Natural Health Supply

Cell Salts

Gentle Little Souls- All About the Cell Salts by Miranda Castro

Homeopathy Store

Alternative Veterinarian Cell Salts

Benefits of Cell Salts

Help your Pet with Tissue Salts

Schuessler Cell Salts for Pets and other Animals

This is an interesting article  on correcting  overshot or undershot bites, developmental/birth defects using cell salts .

Bach Flower Remedies


Rescue Remedy

Facebook Groups - Holistic/Homeopath Care  

Homeopathy for Dogs

Homemade Hope for Dogs-Holistic Healing

Homeopathy for Animals- First Aid

Holistic Dog

Canine Health Concern- Natural Healthcare

Canine Cancer - Natural Support

Dogs with Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Raw Feeding and Holistic Support


Homeopathy Books

Homeopathy for Dogs, great book for dog homeopathic care, Donna also has a good page on health care,  

Miranda's Materia Medica

Joette's Materia Medica

Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs

The  Complete Holistic Dog Book

Dogs Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathy for the Home Subscriber 


Apps for  your phone

Homeopathy at Home - Mustard color background with white flower

Homeopathy - Letter H with green background

Borion Medicine Finder

Helios Homeopathy

Brahm Homeopathy

Homeopathy For All Diseases

Wholetones Music for Pets

Music to calm your pet, I play this music for my Cotons and puppies.  Wholetones for Pets

Dog Supply and Health Stores 

Wolf Creek Ranch  

Dog Naturally Magazine













Custom made harnesses by Dachshund Delights -  Hug a Dog Harness

http://www.barkeninstyle.com/ - This web site has a beautiful Coton Afghan along with some wonderful Coton items.