TiaCotons "Tia" is the Malagasy word for "to Love"

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Painting by Artist - Russell Lawson

About TiaCotons

Hello! TiaCotons is the creation of Michelle and Rick Miller, who were married for thirty-nine years and had dogs in their lives for over twenty-five years. We both grew up on the west coast in Washington State and we have three grown children. My husband, Rick, died of a heart attack on December 30, 2011. My Cotons and I loved Rick and in an instant everything in our lives changed, he will be greatly missed here at TiaCotons, by all of us!

I have made a special commitment not only to the breeding of healthy beautiful dogs who have a lovely temperament, but to the long-term genetic integrity of the Coton de Tuléar breed. TiaCotons believes that all Coton de Tuléar bloodlines, whether from Madagascar, Europe or the North America, merit respect, preservation and enhancement.

At TiaCotons I am dedicated to:

· Producing lovable and sociable Cotons with even, sound temperament

· Providing socialization to my puppies in the home so they have a great start in life

· Performing regular health testing of my breeding Cotons

· Preserving the genetic health of the Coton de Tuléar breed

· Finding the best possible homes for my puppies

· Lifetime support for my puppies and their families

· Protecting my puppies with a comprehensive contract

Coton de Tuléar's are very social dogs. Cotons are happy when they are with the people they love. All puppies are sold by contract to homes where someone will be the Cotons constant companion.

TiaCotons dogs are registered with the American Coton Club, Home of the Rare Breed Coton de Tulear, because I believe in the principles of the club and TiaCotons pedigrees are issued from this club. Michelle is an active member of the ACC. She serves as Vice President, Breeder Mentor Commitee Chair and Foster/Rescue Coordinator for the ACC. ACC Code of Ethic breeders set a high standard of excellence to preserve, honor and protect the Coton de Tuléar breed from exploitation and careless breeding practices. Expect nothing less! ACC Code of Ethic breeders are responsible breeders who have an obligation to protect the health and welfare of the Coton de Tuléar breed.

As for coat color, I believe that breeding for whiteness to the exclusion of other colors might exclude desirable genetic potential in characteristics other than color. I do not pretend to know precisely which potential will be truncated. My position is one of safeguarding for future owners and breeders the widest possible reservoir of genetic variation, while enjoying the personality and exuberance of every generation.

TiaCotons respectfully reminds everyone interested in the breed that:

· All-white Cotons commonly produce puppies with more or less color

· Sometimes the color in puppy coats will fade leaving a white dog

· Some Coton puppies are born with color: white/black; white/champagne or carry color which can remain, be muted or disappear as an adult, leaving the coat completely white or with the appearance of white; while other puppies can be born white from birth

· Litters can be mixed as to the coverage of the color and the number of colors

· There is no evidence of personality or behavioral differences between white and colored dogs; they are equally delightful

· It is very likely that some purchasers of puppies will ask for colored ones, once they know that there is a choice

Acknowledging that the Coton de Tuléar originates from the Island of Madagascar, TiaCotons take the position that the Malagasy genetic heritage is important for the health and well-being of the breed. For this reason, I have carefully selected some male and female dogs which are close to their Malagasy origins as well as dogs with excellent pedigrees from Europe.

Thank you for visiting my web site! I have enjoyed sharing my love of the Coton de Tuléar breed with you. I can be reached by telephone at 360-386-8377 or by email at tiacotons@comcast.net