TiaCotons has moved to a beautiful new home on 12 pristine acres in Lake Stevens, WA. I can be reached by telephone at 360-386-8377. My new email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

One of my offspring Cotons took first place in Rally today, 3/10/2012, at the Seattle Dog Show. This was Laurie and Tazzie's first time out together to compete. There were 27 dogs in the class that they competed in on Saturday. Here is what Laurie told me in an email -

"Tazzie and I went out to do our Rally Novice A at the Seattle show today, I said I wanted to do it for you and for Rick. When the scores came up and we had a perfect 100, I looked up and said "Thanks Rick, I know you were with us on this".

I was really proud of her going out in front of everyone and performing with good focus. I had a picture taken and will send you a copy when it comes." (My husband, Rick, died from a heart attack on December 30, 2011 so that is why Laurie said that Rick was with her on this one.)

On Sunday Laurie and Tazzie took first place with a score of 95 in Novice A Rally. Congratulations Laurie and Tazzie! Tazzie's dam is Layla May and her sire is Pierre. Pierre is the son of Kevin Cattledrivers Castle and Pierre's dam is Black Angel Graciela of Woodland Cottage (Chante). Layla May's sire is Tomi-Tu of Mountainaire Cotons and her dam is Kya of Savikko.

Doggie Waste Bags

A friend of mine makes these great doggie waste bags to carry along when walking your Coton. The bags are made out of pop tabs that are crocheted into bags. The blue bag has a zipper across the top, the black bag has a zipper down the side and around the top of the bag and the champagne bag has a draw string. Bags can be ordered in many different colors and pick the style you like. The price is $12.50 for each bag plus shipping charges. The bag can be attached to the leash or make a knot in the leash to attach the bag or attach to your jean belt loop. If you would like to special order a doggie waste bag please email Dori at - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kevin Cattledrivers Castle x Kassie of TiaCotons

-missing photo-

Amie of TiaCotons

Hi Michelle,

I have good news to share with you, Amie has become my "Assistance Dog." Amie's trainer, also trains dogs for assistance. She was so impressed by Amie being extremely attentive to me. The trainer had me follow through on what Amie does naturally and then add to that. There are times when I feel off balance and dizzy, since Amie has always walked right by my side, the trainer taught me to have Amie touch my leg as we walk, keeping me focused and then kneel down if I have to. It's adorable to see, as she touches my leg with her nose and then looks up at me. Also, Amie because of a narrow walkway will continually touch the back of my leg for as long as I walk. Amie will also find things for me, once she understands the name I gave an item. Or pick up something I've dropped. One thing Amie does all by herself I've noticed, as I'm carrying groceries in from the garage, at times, not always, she grabs hold of my leg with her two paws to prevent me from going forward. It's as though she feels this may be to much for me and is slowing me down. This has been an amazing experience for me. It was so easy working with what Amie does naturally and having her focus more on what I need. Amie is definitely my angel, she's so sweet and gentle and I can honestly say, my therapy dog. We love each other and have become "Team Amie."

Xylitol Alert!


Is your pet drinking water with C.E.T. AuquaDent Drinking Water Additive added to your pet's water? Xylitol is an ingredient in AuquaDent Drinking Water Additive. Beware - Xylitol is poisonous to dogs and cats. In my opinion any amount of a known poisonous substance is to much for our pets.
Link to ingredients in Virbac C.E.T. AquaDent Drinking Water Additive -


Kevin is a new (ARBA) American Rare Breeds Association Champion!

Thank you to my friend, Karen, for showing Kevin at the ARBA show. Kevin received his ARBA Championship on July 12, 2008. Kevin is living at Karen's home and breeding with Karen's Cotons. Kevin will be home in December of 2008. Kevin took two Best of Show and two Reserve Best in Show today. We are very proud of Kevin and his accomplishments with Karen. Karen also took Valerie, from Kevin and Chante's first litter, to the show today. Valerie is owned by Karen at Cotonwind Cotons. Valerie finished her ARBA Championship today too! We are excited that Kevin and his daughter are both ARBA Champions! Congratulations Karen, Valerie and Kevin!!!!

Kevin is a (NAKC) North American Kennel Club/Rarities Champion

June 22, 2008 - Karen Black, owner of Cotonwind Cotons, took our Kevin, who is living at Karen's home for the next year, to the Rarities Show in Michigan the weekend of June 21/22, 2008. Kevin was Winners Dog in five shows over the weekend. Congratulations and many thanks to Karen for showing Kevin to his Rarities Championship.

Karen took Kevin's son (Noelani's second litter), whom she owns, to the same show. TiaCotons Joey at Cotonwind took Best in Show Puppy in three of the shows over the weekend. Karen also owns Valerie, from Chante and Kevin's first litter. Valerie achieved points toward her championship over the weekend. Congratulations to Karen, Joey and Valerie!

Kevin is a Canadian Champion!

June 1, 2008 - Karen Black, owner of Cotonwind Cotons, took Kevin, who lived at Karen's home for part of the year in 2008, to the Canadian National Dog Show in Ontario, Canada. Thanks so much to my dear friend, Karen, for finishing Kevin to his Canadian Championship title.

March 1st, 2008 - We are so proud of Tu-Tu and his owners! Below is an e-mail message sent to us from Tu-Tu's owners.

Kya and Tomi-Tu have much to be proud of since their offspring has accomplished a great deal.

  1. Today Tu-Tu passed his AKC Canine Good Citizens Program Test and will be registered as a "CGC" Graduate as soon as I complete the paperwork.
  2. He has now also passed the PPST - Pet Partners Skills Test
  3. And the PPAT - The Pet Partners Aptitude Test which he has also successfully passed so he will be certified as a Therapy Dog.

Congratulations to Tu-Tu and his owners from all of us at TiaCotons!

The owner of Noelani's puppy, Leyla, from Noelani's first litter wrote the following to us that I would like to share on my web site, with Leyla's owner's permission.

Leyla continues to bring love to everyone she meets. Today on our daily walk to pick up Jad from school, a large van from a retirement/alzheimers facility stopped. The door opened and the driver said "How do you keep that dog so white?" I laughed and he asked us to come up to the van. Inside were about 25 older people who were out for a drive from their assisted living center. Leyla and I came on board. She licked and loved all of them and I told them all the history of the Coton. She was a hit and we were invited to come and visit them any time. I had already planned to take her to hospitals/retirement homes someday. This confirms that she is a natural at making everyone happy and will be a great therapy dog.

My mother-in-law and my parents have also visited recently and LOVED every minute with her. She is a doll.....she brings happy smiles to everyone she meets!