A TiaCotons Coton de Tuléar puppy is priceless! If you are considering a Coton de Tuléar puppy from TiaCotons these are the steps in the placement process:

Step 1: A telephone interview will help me learn more about you and your desire to have one of my Coton de Tuléar puppies join your family. After the telephone interview I will let you know if you qualify for the next step.

Step 2: I want to have a clear understanding of the kind of puppy you desire. I have a questionnaire form that can be downloaded from my web site. I ask that you put some thought into answering the questions and e-mail the questionnaire back to me. The questionnaire helps me match my puppies personalities to your lifestyle. I ask that you read and agree to the conditions in my pet/companion Coton de Tuléar contract. A sample copy of the contract can be downloaded from my web site for your review and if you agree to my terms then the next step is to send a deposit to reserve a puppy from a litter.

Step 3: Because I am breeding to add a show/breedable Coton prospect to my pedigree lines or for another breeder, I retain first option on ANY of the puppies.  I have DropCam/Nest cameras that are live feed cameras to view my puppies.  I can turn the camera on for you to watch the puppies in the litter from the time they are four weeks of age until nine weeks of age. 

Step 4: You will be notified after the litter has been born.  Your puppy is handled by me as soon as he/she is born and on a daily basis from the time of birth. Your puppy associates human touch as something pleasant before opening his/her eyes. I start the "Super Dog Program" after the third day of birth and continue the program until the sixteenth day after birth. When the puppies are four weeks of age I expose them to many different types of stimulation, surfaces, sights and sounds. The puppies spend the day in my puppy ex-pen area where they experience the normal noises of my home. At seven weeks of age they are going for rides in my car, in their crates, so they will adjust to car rides easily when they go to their homes. I work on crate training at nine weeks of age. From the time the puppies are able to eliminate on their own I work on potty training to pee pads, grass and pea gravel so your puppy will be comfortable eliminating on different types of surfaces. At nine weeks of age the puppies practice walking on lead. They also enjoy playing outside on the agility equipment I have for them, weather permitting.

My goal is to breed responsibly and to raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted puppies.

Step 5: Payment for the puppy is due one week before the puppy is released to the puppy's new home if paying by check, cash only at the time of transfer of puppy to new owner.

Step 6: Puppies will be released to their new homes at ten weeks of age. If you will be traveling by air the puppy must travel with the owner in the cabin of the airplane. The travel bag (size large) for puppies that I prefer is found at the following web site http://www.sturdiproducts.com.

The parties agree that TiaCoton puppies will not be shipped by air or surface cargo and will be accompanied by a responsible adult when traveling.

Included in my contract - This Coton de Tuléar puppy is to be accompanied by a responsible adult in the passenger section of the airplane, bus or other conveyance during any transport throughout the lifetime of the dog.