Included in my contract: The Coton de Tuléar is a long-coated dog that requires regular bathing and brushing. No representation has been made by TiaCotons that the Coton de Tuléar breed in general or a TiaCotons puppy, in particular, is a low-maintenance dog. The purchaser of a TiaCotons puppy agrees to devote time and effort to the grooming of the Coton de Tuléar.

Bathing and Grooming Tips

When bathing Cotons I would recommend taking great care to massage the shampoo gently into the hair. Then rinse, rinse and rinse some more with tepid water to make sure all the shampoo is removed from the hair. After lots of rinsing, put conditioner on the Coton and rinse again with tepid water. Gently towel dry the hair and air dry for about fifteen minutes and then use warm heat to finish the drying process. When combing or brushing my Cotons, I either hold them in my lap.  I have a grooming table that I also use when grooming them.

Except for "White on White" shampoo to take the yellow out of the coast from Chris Christensen I have been purchasing shampoos, conditioner and other products from the Shampoo Lady website.  

Shampoo -   Kelco Plum White, Puppy Tears for my puppies, Kelco Oats Fur Coat Shampoo  

Conditioner - Plum Creme Rinse Conditioner, Kelco Ultra Moisturizer   I mix these two products together, works great on my Cotons coats.

De-Matting - Kelco De-Matt Spray

Coat Hair Change and Matting

I am asked fairly often for help when a Coton starts the coat change from puppy hair to adult hair. Sometimes the change is gradual and not as noticeable. Sometimes it is best to have the hair cut short when the Coton is going through the coat change.  Keeping the Coton hair clean with lots of moisturizer and daily combing will help with matting.

The Chris Christiansen Fusion Brushes are wonderful, I like the 27 mm oblong or pocket brush, Buttercombs - Coarse/Fine, Face Comb and #005 Buttercomb 7 1/2" Long Tooth Comb can be found at - or The face comb is in the ACC Amazon Affiliate Store in the grooming section.

T-Brush Information

Teeth and Gum Care

I recommend Denta Sure spray for dogs teeth.

Digestive Health

I give my Cotons Synacore for digestive health support.  

Tear Staining

Excellent ideas for help with tear staining can be found on the following website - Tear Staining. Angel Eyes came out with a new natural product for tear staining without Tylan. Visit the ACC Amazon Affiliate Store to purchase Angel Eyes. Angel Eyes is located on page 6 in the grooming page section. Angels' Glow/now Pet Spark is recommended by Barbara Bird. An Opthamologist speaks about tear stains.

Beard Staining

Some Cotons drink water and get their beards wet and then their beards stain. One idea that might help keep the beard dry is to use a farnam water bottle for your Coton to drink water. Here is a link for a nice water bottle stand.


There are many things that can cause a dog to itch, things in the environment like grasses or airborne allergens like pollens, flea bites is probably the most common, chemicals put on the dogs skin or ingested, dry skin, fungal infections which include yeast, parasites such as ear mites, etc... A few products that might help with itching are -

This Simple Home Remedy Cures Most Canine Skin Issues - No Drugs Needed... Povidone Iodine in a foot soak

Nutramin for Dogs
Coconut Oil
Krill Oil
Phyto-Aseptic - See Ear Care

Top Knots

For topknots I use latex bands in the hair and cut the bands out with scissors being careful not to cut the hair. Click here for more information on top knots. I recommend Laineeltd and Perfect Dog Bows for hair accessories for your Coton.

Ear Care

Phyto-Aseptic is found on the Natural website in the Natural Rearing Product Catalogue in the Homeopathic & Herbal Remedies section. We have used this product for years in our neutered pet Newfoundland dogs ears to help control yeast infections in their ears. I clean our Cotons ears with this product too.

PHYTO-ASEPTIC - A blend of natural herbs and organic ingredients ( including Myrrh; Afalfa and Irish moss) that serve as a potent antiseptic. May be used orally or topically for anywhere antimicrobial action is desired. Use in fungal infections; skin abrasions; ear infections; feminine douche; ring worm.

For general ear cleaning I use Kelco Zap Ear Cleaner.

Vaccination Protocol

American Coton Club vaccination protocol information, Ronald D. Schultz, DVM and Dr. Jean Dodd's vaccination protocol. Information on vaccinations. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Canine Vaccination Task Force has updated their vaccination guidelines for 2011.

Fleas and Ticks

WARNING!!!  Please do not give your Coton any of the flea and tick products that are ingested or put on the back of the Coton, they are poisonious products that may possibly do damage to the kidneys and liver of your Coton.  Do research, check out some of these pages on Facebook - Does Trifexis Kill Dogs, Does Bravecto Kill Dogs, Does Nexgard Kill Dogs, etc.  Some dogs are dying after one dose of these products!

I spread nematodes that are purchased from Garden's Alive in my yard as a preventive treatment that will eliminate fleas in the grass.

Alternative Flea and Tick article from Dogs Naturally Magazine

Visit these sites for information on non toxic flea control -

Wolf Creek Ranch
Natural Flea and Tick Defense
Alternatives 4 Animal Health
Organic Pet Digest
Natural Health for Dogs and Cats - Safe Effective Flea Control
Only Natural Pet Store

Here is some useful information about ticks. This website has a map of the USA and the populations of ticks that are reported in each state.

How often do I give my Cotons a bath?

It depends on the different seasons. I usually give my Coton's a bath every two to three weeks. If I notice more matting in their hair when I am combing them, then that is a good clue that they need a bath.

Hanvey Specialty Engineering meets my breeder's superior standard of excellence in grooming equipment!

The grooming equipment I use is from Hanvey Specialty Engineering. Below is a picture of Joey standing on my standard grooming table from Hanvey Specialty Engineering. Here is the link for the grooming table -

I have the Hanvey LIPSystem stainless steel bars on my grooming table to hold my Cotons in place while I groom them. There are many accessories that can be ordered for the LIPSystem. I like the plastic table divider. The table divider keeps my Cotons from trying to move away from me. The table divider is in the picture behind Joey. Here is the link for the LIPSystem -

I also have the Hanvey Hi "V" Gold Dryer. This dryer is very powerful and only has one speed. A speed control unit can be ordered along with the dryer. I like having the speed control unit so I can set the speed of the airflow to whatever I want as I am drying my Cotons. The dryer can be seen in the picture of Joey on the grooming table. The dryer is hanging on the wall. Here is the link for the Hanvey Hi "V" Gold Dryer - A Happy Hoodie is a good idea to protect dog ears from the noise of hair dryers.

The Hanvey Bathing Beauty Professional Dog Wash/Power Bathing System is a excellent bathing system. I purchased a Bathing Beauty System from Barbara Bird's website store. Barbara recommends using Chris Christensen Clean Start through the BB as a general cleanser and clarifier. Chris Christensen White on White is a great whitener, but has to be applied directly and then rinsed through with the BB. A whitener that works well through the BB is an equine product called Quic Color by Exhibitor labs. Isle of Dogs Salon Elements line works well through the BB. The Sit (Still) is a good choice for drop coat or fragile coats.

For conditioning, Barbara recommends the Chris Christensen Ice on Ice through the BB, either by itself, when she wants maximum texture, or mixed in with other conditioners. She often uses a combination of Eqyss Avocado Mist Leave-in, 1 oz , and Ice on Ice 1 oz, or Show Season Quench conditioner with an added 1/2 oz to 1 oz of Ice on Ice. The Ice on Ice adds coat protection and comb ability to all coats.

A new product by Chris Christensen to help with frizzies is called - Coatlink Coat Dressing - Chris Christensen CoatLink Coat Dressing replenishes moisture and completely transforms coats by creating a flowing definition. It adds multi-dimensional shine and was developed especially for double coated and drop coated breeds. Can be used for canines and felines. Hydration is one of the most important elements in a healthy, controlled and shiny coat. Chris Christensen Coat Dressing replenishes and completely transforms coats with 4 times more moisturizers so lack of manageability and lack of shine are a thing of the past. CoatLink produces a springy coat, deeper, richer colors, complete manageability of unruly coats and virtual freedom from frizz instantly. Works great on providing flowing definition and multi-dimensional shine to double coated breeds and flowing, smooth lines on drop-coated breeds. CoatLink has an easy-to-use whipped mousse formula for lightness and style-ability creating long-lasting volume with a touchable feel. Infused with a complex of triple natural lanolin to strengthen and repair fine, limp coats, leaving them thicker and healthier looking. Comes in a 10oz Aerosol Can $12.00 Barbara Bird's instructions for Coatlink Coat Dressing.

Barbara has helpful grooming information on her blog.

Above are photos of the Hanvey "Ergo-Bathing Station". I just love this stainless steel bathing tub! My Cotons enjoy the massaging action of the Bathing Beauty system that is in the tub next to the blue grate that the Cotons stand on to keep their feet out of the standing water. The red hose is connected to the bar sink and it stretches to reach the Ergo Bathing Station.

Above is Joey after being groomed. He is standing on a Hanvey standard grooming table with the Lips System stainless steel bars and the Hanvey Hi "V" Gold Dryer is hanging on the wall.

There is a DVD on how to groom a Coton. Here is information on purchasing this DVD as written by Dennis Presley. The DVD can be ordered from Dennis, just follow his directions in the information he gives below.

First let me tell everyone a little bit about the DVD. The grooming is done by Scarlett King. She does a really wonderful job on the Cotons.

The DVD is a 2 disc set and is over 3 hours long. It is broken up into chapters for ease of viewing with bonus tracks that feature some of the more common items that you may want to view over again, such as De Matting. We go over basically everything from maintenance grooming to puppy clips, to show grooming. We show how to clean the eyes, brush teeth, clean ears, clean the anal glands (yuck!! I don't like to watch that part). We show various shampoos/conditioners and treatments, and different tools and how to use them. It is really a one stop shop for grooming your Coton. We are still working on a booklet that will accompany the DVD. This booklet will show the products and tools shown in the video and where they can be purchased. This should make it easy for newbies to find the right tools and products they need without purchasing too many tools that will never again be used.

Here is the purchasing info.

The price of the DVD is $ 60.00 plus $ 5.00 shipping and handling in the U.S., and $ 9.00 shipping and handling to Europe. California address will be charged sales tax. (Sorry CA residents, our state gov. at work). Breeder/litter pack pricing will be available upon request. Anyone who purchases the DVD will have the booklet mailed to them separately as soon as it is completed.

We will accept Paypal. You can access Paypal and then pay for the DVD by using my email address which is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you pay by Paypal, please email me with your address so I can keep track and make sure I have all the information.

You can also email me directly if you want to pay by check and I will email my address to you. As soon as I get our website up (, it will be available there via shopping cart. It will also be available through another distributor that I will list soon.

Also, 10% of the sale of every DVD will be donated back to UCARE at this time. As soon as the Coton Health Foundation is up and running, there will be a split between it and UCARE. From the onset of this project it was our desire to give back to the Cotons for the joy they have given us. This is the best breed on earth and they deserve the best from us.

If anyone has questions or I missed something, please either email me or call me at 714-420-9873.

Thanks for your support on this and to everyone, Have Fun Grooming!!!

Dennis Presley

Some of my favorite dog supply stores 

Custom made satin dog collars

Custom made harnesses by Hug a Dog Harness - This web site has a beautiful Coton Afghan along with some wonderful Coton items.

A Coton de Tulear owner has compiled a list of web sites for your shopping pleasure.